About the Edmonton Regional Science Fair

Vision Statement:

The ERSF exists to provide opportunities for students to build a life-long love of scientific discovery and learning.

Mission Statement:

Through participation in the ERSF, we will engage youth in a scientific event that encourages inquiry, critical thinking, effective communication, interaction with peers, and citizenship.

The Vision and Mission Statements were last approved by Council in 2015.

About the Edmonton Regional Science Fair Council

Who are we?

The Edmonton Regional Science Fair Council consists of a team of volunteers who, since 1960, have been planning, hosting, and executing the annual Fair each spring. Each year, hundreds of students from Edmonton and the surrounding area catch the excitement of a scientific discovery or investigation. Many of these bright minds will become leaders in Alberta’s future scientific community. All will appreciate the role that science plays in their daily lives.

The ERSF Council welcomes to its organization anyone who shares this desire to bring the spirit of science to young minds.

Edmonton Regional Science Fair Council Members

For all inquiries / submissions for the Edmonton Regional Science Fair, please use this email: info@ersf.ca

Amanda Joblinski President  
Michele Moscicki Vice-President  
Tamara Radovic Secretary  
  Treasurer, Registrar  
Gary Marcellus Chief Judge  
Sub-Committee Chairs
Kay Jauch Safety and Ethics Chair
Michele Moscicki Awards Chair  
Tamara Radovic Floor Supervisor  


Sub-Committee Members:

  • Terry Bayrock
  • Jawdah Jorf
  • Stephanie Mah
  • Aleasha Pawluski


Mailing Address:

Edmonton Regional Science Fair Council
MacTaggart Post Office
PO Box 36571
Edmonton, AB T6R 0T4