ERSF Awards

Grand Awards

  • Canada Wide Science Fair
  • These awards consist of a week-long trip to compete in the Canada Wide Science Fair in May of each year.

Divisional Awards

  • Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals
  • These awards are awarded in each age category (Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Junior (Grades 7 & 8), Senior (Grades 9-12)

Special Awards

Special awards are awards sponsored by organizations or individuals. These awards have specific criteria that are related to the interests/values of the people and organizations sponsoring each award. These awards are sponsored to encourage students to conduct science fair projects in these areas of study. See the Special Awards Criteria page to read the criteria for each special award.

If you are an organization or individual interested in sponsoring a special award at the ERSF, please contact our Awards Chair at


Behavioural Science Special Awards

  • B.K. Sinha Behavioural Sciences Research Award
  • Psychologists’ Association of Alberta Behaviour Science Award

Biology Special Awards

  • Alberta Association of Optometrists Vision Science Award
  • Alberta Society of Gastroenterology Human Biology Award
  • Alberta Society of Professional Biologists Award
  • Fortis Femella Health Sciences Award
  • Genome Alberta Genomics Awards (Elementary, Jr, & Sr)

Chemistry Special Awards

  • ACPA Alberta Chemist Award
  • ACPA Rick Dillen Memorial Award
  • Chemical Institute of Canada Award
  • Taylor Memorial Senior Chemistry Award

Engineering Special Awards

  • ASM International Material Science Award
  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Award of Excellence
  • Society of Petroleum Engineers Canadian Educational Trust Fund Award

Environmental Science Special Awards

  • The Al Rashid Mosque Environmental Science Award

Math & Stats Special Awards

  • Mathematical / Statistics Award (Elementary, Jr, & Sr)

Physics Special Awards

  • E.H. Gowan Physics Award
  • Kruger Memorial Senior Solar Energy Award
  • RASC Astronomy Awards (Elementary & Jr/Sr)

Sustainability Special Award

  • Dow Canada Sustainable Future Award