All projects must be safe in design and operation. The Science Fair Council reserves the right to disallow any project that is, in their sole and exclusive opinion, considered a threat to the safety of others.

The Science Fair Council further does not assume responsibility for the loss or damage to projects or personal property.

The most commonly asked about regulations are listed below, whereas the complete list of safety questions is posted in PDF format.

  • Plants, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and invertebrate animals may be exhibited.
  • Vertebrate animals may not be used in experiments for the Science Fair if they involve pain, discomfort or death to the animal.
  • No living vertebrate animal shall be displayed in projects at the science fair.
  • Projects using chemicals which are listed as restricted or prohibited in the list of hazardous chemicals released by Alberta Education will not be accepted for entry.
  • Lasers may NOT be operated during viewing period.
  • Open flames are NOT allowed.
  • Radio-isotopes, biological toxins, cells or tissues infected with animal viruses and blood will not be allowed on display. ALL other cultures exhibited should be sealed air tight.
  • Electrical switches and cords operating at 110 Volts A.C. must be C.S.A. approved. Extension cords are not provided, so please bring a 5m extension cord if you need electricity
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