Student registration for the 2017 Edmonton Regional Science Fair will open January 1st, 2017. However, if students are planning on doing projects that include human participants, live cells or cellular tissue, or any type of invertebrate, they must apply for pre-approval. Students can do this in our Registration System starting December 1st. Note, that all projects will be reviewed by the Ethics Chair and must receive approval BEFORE commencing the project. Any questions can be directed to the Ethics Chair. CLICK HERE to pre-register today.

Judges registrations for the 2017 fair must be received by March 17, 2017.

Students and judges are asked to register for for the fair through the Science Fair in a Box system.


Registration will open January 1st, 2017. The Edmonton Regional Science Fair is open to all students in grades 4-12, inclusive, in the Edmonton area. Projects may have one or two participants.

The registration fee for students is $40.00 per student. Lunch is provided for students in the cafeteria. The registration fee also includes a Fair T-shirt. To receive one, please indicate your shirt size in registration.

Students will find useful information on the project information pages. Before registering, students should especially read the categories page and types page to see which competition category and project type would best fit their project, as they will need to choose one in registration.


  1. Sign up in Science Fair in a Box and get a password sent to your email right away.
  2. Get your password from your email and go back to Science Fair in a Box. You will be asked to immediately change your password.
  3. Once in, enter the requested information for each item in the checklist and click "Save" button on the bottom. Then click the gray "Judge Registration" link near the top to take you back to the main page. Do this for each item on the checklist and it will turn green and say "Complete".
  4. In "Other Information", do not check off the special awards box unless you have been asked by the sponsor of that special award to judge it. Most of you will be called Divisional Judges because you will be judging the Divisions (Gr. 4, Gr. 5, Junior Life Sciences, etc.) and not the Special Awards. do not check off any boxes in the "Special Award Preferences" on the checklist. It will automatically turn green and say "Complete" for you. You will select your areas of judging preference in "Areas of Expertise".

    For those of you who are asked to be a judge for a Special Award and you already checked off the special award box in "Other Information", the "Areas of Expertise" item will turn green and say "Complete" for you. You will not be able to check off any boxes in it because they will not apply to you. Go directly to the "Special Award Preferences" item on the checklist and check off only the Special Award that you were asked to judge.

Some important things to note when registering. Please make sure that:

  1. As many of the field boxes are filled in as possible, including your organization (company, school, group, etc).
  2. If you are a part of an organization that is sponsoring a specific special award and will be there to judge for it, please check that award(s) and please send an email to the Special Awards Chair (Michele Moscicki at awards [at] ersf [dot] ca) and she will personally add you to that special award team.
  3. Please double check your spelling (yu will not beleive how many well-educatd peole mispel wurds in there infromatuon forms). ALSO PLEASE DO NOT SPELL YOUR NAMES IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. It creates some problems when we make up your name tags.

Judges should have some experience in science, such as post-secondary education in science (e.g. being in at least first year in sciences, engineering, or science education) or equivalent experience.

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research have put out a guide for judging a science fair.

In anticipation of the fair, a copy of the judging form and judging instructions in PDF format has been posted for judges to familiarize themselves with. A more thorough orientation will be given will be given to the judges Saturday morning of the fair.