• Student registration for the 2024 Edmonton Regional Science Fair is open until March 1 at 6 pm!
  • The ERSF is open to all students in grades 4-12, inclusive, in the Edmonton area. Projects may have one or two participants, but no more than two. If the pair is a mixed-grade group (minimum grade must be grade 4), the pair will compete in the highest grade of the pair.
  • Students will need to know the category that best represents their project. Students will find descriptions of the project categories, and other useful project-related information, on the Projects page.
  • Before registering your project, ensure you have followed all Ethics regulations and completed all required Ethics forms. See the Ethics page for more information. Any ethics questions can be directed to the ERSF Ethics Chair (

Students, and their parents/guardians, are asked to carefully fill out the Student Registration Google Form, completing all required sections, including:

  • Student Information
  • Student Contact Details
  • Project & School Information
  • Mentorship and Ethics Acknowledgements
  • Special Awards Self-Nomination form
  • Parent/Guardian Consent

Steps to Register your Science Fair Project:

  1. Read the ERSF Ethics information on the Ethics page.
    • Submit any Ethics forms, if necessary.
  2. Conduct your science fair project!
  3. Check out the Special Awards page to see which special awards your project qualifies for.
  4. Fill out the ERSF 2024 Student Registration Form
    • If you completed your project with a partner, only submit ONE registration form. There is space in the form to include both of your names.

Students can register for the 2024 ERSF using this form:

2024 ERSF Student Registration

Student Registration deadline extended to March 1st at 6 pm
please note, the form must be complete and submitted by 6 pm


Below are some important notes when registering as a judge. Please make sure that:

  1. You complete all sections of the registration form so we can best match your expertise to projects.
  2. Judges should have some experience in science, such as post-secondary education in science (e.g., being in at least first year in sciences, engineering, or science education) or equivalent experience.

Judges can register for the 2024 ERSF using this form:

2024 ERSF Judge Registration

Judge Registration deadline February 24th

To facilitate your experience as a science fair judge, a copy of the judging manual and judging rubric are linked below. Please familiarize yourself with these documents prior to the fair. A more thorough orientation will be given to judges via email.