Team Edmonton Returns from CWSF Charlottetown

Five ERSF projects represented Edmonton at the 2012 Canada-Wide Science Fair in Charlottetown. The University of Prince Edward Island played host to 500 finalists from across the country. All members of Team Edmonton deserve congratulations for having competed at the national level; Council is proud to announce the accomplishments of Team Edmonton 2012:

Qasim Ali (Aurora Charter School)
"Lighten the Pressure" (Information - Intermediate)

  • Bronze Medal - Excellence Awards - Intermediate

Diana Bark (Old Scona School) and Neesha Persad (Lillian Osbourne High School)
"Pounding Cancer with PTEN" (Health - Senior)

  • Gold Medal - Excellence Award - Senior
  • Manning Innovation Achievement Award

Kaelyn Gras (Archbishop MacDonald High School)
"Bisphenol A in Epoxy-Resin Lined Baby Formula Cans" (Health - Senior)

Tamara Radovic (Aurora Charter School)
"Powerful Waste" (Energy - Junior)

Madison Ricard (Old Scona School)
"From The Ground Up Pt III" (Innovation - Senior)

  • Silver Medal - Excellence Awards - Senior