Project Information

This series of pages has important information for students creating their science fair projects. Students must decide what category and type best fit their project and ensure their projects meet the safety regulations. Finally, this series also has suggestions for project displays and awards projects may be eligible for.

New Canada-Wide Science Fair Display Standards

Please click here to view a PDF detailing the new standards for project displays at the Canada-Wide Science Fair.

A note on ethical considerations for science fair projects:

If your proposed science fair project involves the participation of humans or animals, step one is to visit this web page so as to become familiar with the policies that apply:

Step two is to seek advice from the Ethics Chair of the Edmonton Regional Science Fair, Mr. Kay Jauch. Please use the Request for Advice or a Ruling form (click to download) to make such a request.

In complex cases, the Ethics Chair may wish to seek advice and/or a ruling from the Youth Science Canada National Ethics and Safety Committee. Students may not request a ruling directly from the National Ethics Committee. The advice, and ruling, will be sent to the student(s), the chair of the Edmonton Regional Science Fair (or designate), and the chief judge.